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Don’t be afraid of ceviche. Sure, the first time you “cook” fish in citrus, you might be a little skeptical, but soon you’ll be hooked by how easy it is to make a summer meal without heat.

Pickled shrimp are a Southern staple: Serve these tasty morsels in a glass jar or bowl with saltines, or skewer a few to garnish a Bloody Mary.

Quick and easy to prepare—and fun to eat—this recipe is perfect for parties: Your guests can snack on the clams straight from the grill.

Smoky rauchbier and chipotle peppers lend heat to an easy barbecue sauce that’s great on just about anything grillable but is especially addictive on skewers of bacon and shrimp.

Beer batter makes a light, flavorful coating for large shrimp.


Ladyface Ale House's French-style fish, clam and mussel stew goes down extra-easy with a pint of saison.

Ground chipotle powder and a smoky, roasty chipotle ale add alluring heat to flash-sautéed shrimp piled on crispy, slaw-topped tostadas.

A lime-beer-scallop ceviche gets a sweet, hot crown of crunch and a sprinkle of cilantro.

Succulent, crunchy fried oysters in a sauce that blends sharp mustard with a smooth oatmeal stout.

Poach scallops, prawns and calamari with pumpkin and hefeweizen sweetness for a seaworthy salad.

Shrimp in a beery broth over garlic-herb bread is the perfect seafood supper.

A savory plate of Creole shrimp for one that comes together in minutes with the help of an amber ale.

A traditional Louisiana shrimp stew revved up with a grassy pale ale.

Our shrimp-and-sausage boil is cooked in Louisiana lager and an Old Bay-spiked broth.

Cookbook author Jon Schlimm and chef Phil Klinkenberg divulge the easy recipe for the peel-and-eat shrimp at Jimmy Buffett's Margaritaville.

A hearty mussel-potato bake with a splash of Hoegaarden.

The ultimate one-dish dinner, our paella celebrates seafood, veggies and beer with Spanish spirit.

A splash of Kirin Ichiban in the wok flavors this Asian-Caribbean dish.

A Tsingtao-splashed and Szechuan-spiced version of crab and noodles.

Mussels take a citrusy swim in a bath of orange, garlic, fennel and hefeweizen.


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