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A big, boozy imperial stout makes this sauce simply decadent.

Stouts are a natural choice for chocolate cream pie, but a chocolate stout really amps up the flavor.

Espresso and chocolaty beer takes our whoopie to a whole new level.

Smoky beer and bacon give basic brownies a savory edge.

The only way to improve stout chocolate cheesecake? Make it oven-free.

The best chocolate cupcakes have a silky stout beat into both batter and frosting.

Stout and brown ale combine in these gooey chocolate cupcakes with a pretzel crunch.

Dark chocolate pairs beautifully with a cup of joe, so flavoring these truffles with a beer marked by roast and coffee notes is just plain common sense. Give as a gift, or devour the whole batch.


The classic Italian dessert gets a shot of stout.

A beer heir's take on chocolate cake.

Raspberry-chocolate dessert for a beer-loving twosome--or a dozen.

Dave Lieberman's velvety, stout-splashed treats.

Spike a dreamy, decadent fondue with a chocolate stout.


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