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A cider syrup and real apples give this ice cream a double dose of apple flavor.

A Belgian-style kriek drives the flavor here, so seek out Lindemans or a similarly sweet cherry lambic and take advantage of its intense cherry essence.

The brown ale reduction adds an almost savory, umami quality to this ice cream.

A Berliner weisse’s citrusy sourness shines its light on this creamy orange pie.

The chocolate and bitter notes of stout become a rich base for the chocolate sauce that tops this s’mores-inspired ice cream pie.

Hefes are a bakers’ dream come true, and these fluffy dinner rolls prove it.

Our easy beer-and-miso caramel sauce is delicious spooned over vanilla ice cream, roasted pears or bread pudding; jar it up and you’ve got an impressive homemade gift.

Baked beer-cheese dip with a simple fresh salsa on top is easy entertainment at its most delicious.

Our favorite bread pudding (of course) has beer inside, and blissfully diet-busting jelly donuts as the bready base.

A rich, boozy barrel-aged beer’s ideal summer vacation? Inside this no-brainer beer ice cream.

Classic eggnog with a strong ale spike.

A chocolate stout's spin on the creamy treat.

Anchor Porter ice cream between two oatmeal cookies.

A molasses-witbier ice cream shares the stage with mochi and panna cotta.

A chocolaty milkshake with a Belgian twist.

Our cheesy soup features aged English Cheddar and a nutty brown ale.


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