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Wiener Schnitzel is an Oktoberfest staple, plus the preparation is quick and easy.

A zippy hefe gives this pound cake some oomph; the beer teams with orange for a curd you’ll want to spoon on everything.

This versatile aioli is amazing on asparagus, green beans, chicken, fried fish and sandwiches; a splash of OJ, and you've got salad dressing.

Hefes are a bakers’ dream come true, and these fluffy dinner rolls prove it.

You’ll never make margaritas again. A bit of honey and mezcal’s complex smokiness snake through this sour lime/hefe/tequila blend.

Rethink dessert: Ginger and black pepper lend a hint of heat, copious amounts of lemon zest add brightness, and the wheat beer lends a fruity, spicy tang.

Poach scallops, prawns and calamari with pumpkin and hefeweizen sweetness for a seaworthy salad.

Spicy and bold with a slight sour bite, we’ve given Buffalo sauce a hefeweizen’s subtle sweetness.

There’s a cup of hefeweizen in this creamy, dreamy risotto.

Mussels take a citrusy swim in a bath of orange, garlic, fennel and hefeweizen.

Slow-cooked in a hefeweizen, this jalapeno-rubbed pork is sweet, spicy and totally tender.


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