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Brush this Southwestern glaze over chicken, fish, seafood or pork.

A less-boozy version of a Long Island iced tea, this bright cocktail has touches of juniper sweet lemon.

It's the beery version of osso buco; a lager makes a delightful substitution for the more traditional white wine.

The "BBB" in these Southern collards stands for bacon, brown sugar and Budweiser.

Cookbook author Jon Schlimm and chef Phil Klinkenberg divulge the easy recipe for the peel-and-eat shrimp at Jimmy Buffett's Margaritaville.

A simple Vietnamese chop with nuoc cham sauce and carrot slaw.

A sweet, mild lager adds a yeasty lift and marvelous flavor to these luscious waffles.

The traditional French plate goes Southern with Yuengling, bacon and pork.

The ultimate one-dish dinner, our paella celebrates seafood, veggies and beer with Spanish spirit.

A beer belly (actually, lager-braised pork belly) we can get behind.

Experience a New England summer with bacon-and-beer-soaked clams.

A microwaveable fish dish with a Tiger Beer twist.

Dough infused with Moosehead is they key to this award-winning pie.

A pizza pro's award-winning, lager-infused dough.

Sapporo and lemongrass give steamed mussels Asian flavor.

Succulent clams in a garlic-Yuengling broth.

Caramelized onions and potatoes in a beery broth.


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