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When the sun shines and the grill comes out of hibernation, there are few simpler pleasures than cooking outside with a beer in hand.

This tangy, no-cook sauce goes great with ham, beef, turkey, fish, pork loin or chicken, so it’s as welcome in your lunch bag as it is on the holiday table.

The stovetop version of the 18th century classic (hot!) beer cocktail.

Sweet pears and salty blue cheese mingle with a bitter pale ale reduction in this novel take on scalloped potatoes.

Beer-braised onions and peppers reinvigorate the classic Italian sub.

This zippy cocktail's peppery kick wakes up your taste buds, but the drink goes down easy.

Bayou Teche brewer and certified Cajun Karlos Knott whips up his own beer-infused, Cajun-style mustard.

A traditional Louisiana shrimp stew revved up with a grassy pale ale.

Have a swig of leftover Juniper Pale Ale? Make gravlax, the dish that transforms a couple of slabs of salmon into silky, buttery succulence.

Beery ribs brined in pale ale and slathered in Anchor Steam sauce.

Akira Back's fish fry is spiked with a Vegas pale ale.

Breakfast begins with eggs, potatoes, bacon--and beer.

A Latin sandwich with firehouse flair.

Pro tailgater Jeff Dockeray's favorite recipe is this pan-grilled shrimp in pale ale sauce.


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