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The smell of freshly popped kernels is reason enough to give this recipe a try. The “three-kernel” method of popping corn is foolproof and will leave you with no burnt and very few unpopped pieces. The secret: Use an already-warm pan to make a quick beer butter.

Here’s the secret to the creamiest homemade hummus: Chickpeas have a thin, translucent skin that gives the dip a slightly chunky texture, no matter how great your food processor is. Take a few minutes to pinch the skins, and discard those tiny menaces to create an ultracreamy dip.

Homemade IPA-splashed pickles are delicious to snack on and even better to give.

IPA-simmered chicken melts with hot sauce for an addictive dip that’s more portable (and pleasantly gooier) than Buffalo wings.

American IPA hops get a super-boost from real grapefruit juice and grapefruit bitters.

Beer batter makes a light, flavorful coating for large shrimp.

An IPA’s megahops nicely foil the heavy oil flavors you get from frying sweet cornmeal for show-stealing hush puppies every time.

Slow-cooking pork butt in a combination of salsa and IPA yields meltingly tender meat to tuck into soft-shell tacos.

A simple, IPA-infused coleslaw that’s perfect for picnics.

An IPA-short rib sandwich with black-pepper caramel and guindilla aoili.

A smoky potato side dish with a splash of Harpoon IPA.


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