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Pickled shrimp are a Southern staple: Serve these tasty morsels in a glass jar or bowl with saltines, or skewer a few to garnish a Bloody Mary.

Nothing says Christmas like cranberry, and nothing pairs better with cranberry than the flavors of orange, walnut and citrusy witbier in this holiday bread.


A Belgian wit adds citrus notes to underscore the squeeze of lime that finishes this dreamy, creamy curry.

A long bath in beer makes our carnitas con buen sabor!

Any staunch Brussels sprouts haters may very well change their minds after one bite of these tender wit-braised sprouts.


Lime, tangerine and orange liqueur in a witbier cocktail herald that sticky-chin-after-biting-into-juicy-citrus feeling.

A witbier’s coriander and orange peel notes mingle with the Asian seasonings in this hearty fall braise.

The wheaty, sweet softness of a witbier balances sharp vinegar in this crunchy apple-orange-pepper-fennel side that easily replaces ho-hum fruit salad.


Witbier gets razzed in this breezy (and boozy) cocktail.

A hearty mussel-potato bake with a splash of Hoegaarden.

Witbier steams lobster and perks up cabbage in this luxe meal.

White ale ice cream and citrusy sauce brighten up bananas.

A molasses-witbier ice cream shares the stage with mochi and panna cotta.


Chimay Triple makes this delicacy even more luxe.


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