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This quick, unfermented sauerkraut gets an extra boost of flavor and color from seasonings traditionally found in Southern chowchow.

Asparagus as the new potato? Try our new "frites" and never look back.

Meaty swordfish and Mediterranean flavor slow-cooked in pilsner and tomatoes.

A triple-mustard dressing with a crisp German pilsner amps up crunchy, pretzel-crusted chicken.

A lime-beer-scallop ceviche gets a sweet, hot crown of crunch and a sprinkle of cilantro.

A tropical fruit cocktail that mixes mango and pomegranate with pilsner.

A beery twist on a classic party staple.

Stuff soft tacos with Rich Bayless' beer-soaked steak.

Rabbit Bistro's best-selling soup includes an entire pint of pils.


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