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A Belgian-style kriek drives the flavor here, so seek out Lindemans or a similarly sweet cherry lambic and take advantage of its intense cherry essence.

Cranberries steep in a tart berry lambic to up the sour factor, which works famously within an otherwise heavy holiday spread.

Fruity lambic reduced to a syrup adds tang to an Asian-inspired barbecue sauce you’ll want to slather on everything.

Cherry juice, ginger and a touch of simple syrup turn a sour beer into crowd-worthy punch.

A cousin of crisps and crumbles, slumps consist of fruit baked on the stovetop with pillowy dumplings steamed on top; ours is spiked with a berry lambic and loaded with fall fruits.

A finished plate represents the Mexican flag: green chilies (stuffed with pork, apples, raisins and spices), a white walnut cream sauce and a crown of bright red pomegranate seeds. Our version has a lambic touch.

Raspberry-chocolate dessert for a beer-loving twosome--or a dozen.


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