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Freshly roasted chilies and pork combine in a hearty stew; a crown of cornmeal dumplings makes the meal rib-sticking.

A Mexican lager in a chili-cheese dip? Instant fiesta!

Spice up your glass and turn a bottle of Bohemia into a smoky stunner.

Dip your chip in this drunken guac.

Hearty cocktail meatballs spiced with chipotle and soused with Bohemia.

A Chicago chef serves these beer-soaked veggies alongside award-winning ’cue.

Savory lamb gets spiced with two types of peppers and splashed with a duo of Mexican brews.

Mexican lager and a splash of tequila share the spotlight in this northern Mexico salsa.

Negra Modelo braises this spicy breakfast brisket.


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