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Scottish Light 60/- Reviews

All Scotch ales share the same basic description, but they’re subdivided into three categories—light, heavy and export—according to gravity and alcohol strength. These traditional Scottish session beers are deep amber in color, and their creamy khaki heads emit a malty aroma that’s sometimes caramelly, smoky or earthy. The flavor leans toward malt with a caramel note, though English hops aren’t far behind. Occasionally, peat-smoked malt makes an appearance with smoke or earth touches; fruit esters show up sometimes, too. Scottish lights, or 60 shilling ales, range from just 2.5% to 3.2% ABV, and have less intense malt flavors than their stronger counterparts.

Pair: Scottish lights’ malt sweetness complement a varied cheese plate, but tackles parmesan best of all. The cheese’s salty, nutty flavors balance the beer’s moderate sugar.

Glassware: nonic or standard pint glass


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