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Roggenbier Reviews

Brewers in Regensburg, Bavaria invented this take on a dunkelweizen; the recipes are essentially the same, though roggenbiers feature malted rye instead of wheat (and some finishing hops, too). These orange to dark red brews emit a spicy rye aroma peppered with weizen yeast characteristics like clove, banana and citrus hints. In the flavor, the beer presents the familiar sweet, hearty flavor of rye or pumpernickel bread in a medium body with high carbonation. Toward the end of the swallow, the same yeast qualities of the aroma appear in the flavor, lending a slightly tangy, grainy and sometimes tart finish.

Pair: Swap your corned beef on rye for sliced corned beef and a roggenbier. The effect is the same: The brew’s grainy, slightly bitter rye balances the fatty meat and counters the beef’s briny, herbed crust.

Glassware: pint glass


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