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Flanders Red Ale Reviews

Originally from Belgium’s Flanders region, these sour ales are often much more palatable and less jarring than other sour beers from the country. They are deep red to brown and aged in oak (Flanders brown ales are aged in steel). The aging and brewing techniques lead to darker beer, and many brewers blend various barrels before packaging to make perfect blends. Aromas should resonate with dark fruits and a slight to strong sourness, while flavors should offer the same, sometimes with small amounts of chocolate, vanilla or tannins. Often compared to red wines, these ales are sometimes referred to as the “burgundy of Belgium.”

Pair: Flanders red ales have a palate-refreshing quality that accentuates everything from the salad course to dessert. A mixed green salad topped with cranberries, walnuts and vinaigrette is complemented by the beer’s tartness, while a dark chocolate lava cake will accentuate the beer’s vinous sweetness.

Glassware: tulip or snifter


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