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French Cider Reviews

French ciders fall within the “standard” category of ciders (along with common and English versions), which are made primarily or entirely from apple juice. All ciders should present a white-winelike mouthfeel and notable acidity in the flavor, though the drink ranges in sugars (some are dry, some are quite sweet), carbonation (ciders can be still or sparkling), and apple qualities (some present overt apple characteristics; others, less so). French ciders set themselves apart with a base of juice from cider-specific bittersweet or bitter-sharp apples, and small amounts of salt and calcium compounds to aid in pectin coagulation (though a chalky feeling signifies a faulty beer). Often, the French style is also fruitier, sweeter and richer than other ciders. Appearances span cloudy to brilliant, medium to deep gold, and moderately carbonated to Champagnelike.

Glassware: pint glass



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