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Common perries couple with traditional perries to form the the “standard” perry category composed of fermented beverages made primarily or entirely from pear juice (the only allowable adjunct is a bit of sugar to achieve an appropriate starting gravity). All perries should present a white-winelike mouthfeel and notable acidity in the flavor, though the drink ranges in sugars (some are dry, some are quite sweet), carbonation (they can be still or sparkling), and pear qualities (some present almost overt pear characteristics; others, less so). Separating common perries from traditional ones is fruit selection: The common variety is crafted with “culinary” or “table” pears—say, pears you eat for lunch—while traditional perries feature fruit grown specifically for perry-making. Common perries have distinct pear notes but never present a loud fruitness; they also offer pale appearances, relatively full mouthfeels, medium sweetness and low to moderate tannins.

Glassware: pint glass


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