Beer for People Who Don’t Like Beer – A Comprehensive Guide

Beer for people who don’t like beer is not as difficult to find as you might think. Some may find an Indian Pale Ale too bitter to handle or a lager too...
Flat beer to carbonated

Flat Beer to Carbonated: Bring Your Boring Flat Beer Back to Life

No one should have to suffer through the bitter, heavy and boring taste of flat beer.  However, there’s good news; you can turn the beer around into something delicious. This guide...
Cold crashing beer

Cold Crashing Beer: Everything You Need To Know For A Better Taste

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What Does Mead Taste Like: Taste, Alcohol Content, Storage and More!

Most people wonder what does mead taste like when they hear about this popular brew, especially since it’s becoming a popular offering in taprooms that serve beer and cider. Mead is...
Best christmas beers

Best Christmas Beers: What Are the Top 12 Beers To Try This Christmas?

The best Christmas beers will not only make the holiday season fun, but they will also give you a nice, strong buzz. So if you’re looking to enjoy Christmas with your...
Hot sauce in beer

Hot Sauce in Beer: Is It as Delicious as They Say?

Hot sauce in beer: If you’ve ever heard anything about it, there’s a chance that you recoiled from the idea. Everyone likes their beer in different ways, so the taste that...

Shotgunning Beer: A Detailed Step-by-Step Guide to This Fun Activity

Shotgunning beer offers you a simple way to finish one can of beer within the shortest time. This easy beer-drinking process lets you drink fast and impress your peers at parties....
Egg in a beer

Egg in a Beer: Why Do People Put Raw Eggs in Their Beer?

Egg in a beer: Does this phrase make you cringe a little, or do you find it fascinating? There are two types of people in this world, those who like to put...
Birch beer vs root beer

Birch Beer vs Root Beer: Brewing the Difference Between the Two

The birch beer vs root beer debacle needs to be settled once and for all. Although the flavors of these two varieties of beer are very similar, there are some differences....
How to pour beer

How To Pour Beer: The Perfect Pint of Beer With Easy Steps

How to pour beer is a process that depends on the beer you are pouring. Moreover, learning to properly pour a beer is one of the first steps to enjoying your...