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Oktoberfest/Marzen Reviews

These gold-tinged adaptations of Vienna lagers are brewed in spring for fall sipping (Oktoberfests) or crafted in cooler months for warm-weather enjoyment (Marzens). Note that many versions made specifically for Oktoberfest celebration are higher in alcohol than the usual style. Toasty Vienna and/or Munich malts should dominate both the aroma and flavor, though noble hops provide a dry finish and sometimes moderate bitterness. Essentially a richer, maltier Vienna lager, Oktoberfests and Marzens are clean, rich and super-smooth.

Pair: These beers may hail from Germany, but they best complement spice from far-off lands; their malty notes temper (but don’t obscure) Kung-pao chicken, curry, and chile rellenos.

Glassware: mug or pint glass


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