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Schwarzbier (Black Beer) Reviews

Also known as black beers, these sessionable brews trace their lineage to Germany’s Franconia region. They’re actually closely related to seemingly opposite pilsners, and may be an offshoot of the Munich dunkel style. These beers are usually never truly black; they’re typically medium to dark brown with red highlights. A tan head emits a low malt aroma while a medium-bodied swallow features a light to medium maltiness. Most distinctive is schwarzbiers’ moderate roasted quality, which appears as a bitterness rather than a burntness. German hops lend the beer a clean finish.
Pair: Schwarzbiers best complement mildly spiced dishes like grilled sausages and meatloaf. The beer draws out the savory, juicy flavors in both plates and plays
brilliantly off charred sausage casings and the sturdier outer edges of meatloaf.


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