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Doppelbock Reviews

Doppelbocks were originally brewed in Bavaria by the monks of St. Francis of Paula who dubbed them “liquid bread.” Today’s versions are similar to the originals, but notably higher in alcohol (though not doubled, as their name implies), typically clocking in between 7% and 10% ABV. A huge, creamy head atop a deep gold to dark brown brew sends off a strong malty aroma that typically displays melanoidins, toffee notes and some toastiness. German malts seize the taste with rich toasty characters and melanoidins obscuring any hint of hops, and occasionally, chocolate wisps and dark fruits bolstering the experience. Most beers in this category are dark and caramelly, but some are pale with accentuated hop characteristics; all are medium-bodied, strong versions of helles or traditional bocks. Many doppelbocks bear names ending in “-ator” in homage to Paulaner’s Salvator, the brew that popularized the style.

Pair: Doppelbocks make fine accompaniments to salty meat dishes and meats with fruit-based sauces. Open a doppelbock with glazed ham or pork chops topped with apricot or cranberry sauce; the beers’ caramelized sweetness complements ham’s salty, savory flavors and is a heavenly juxtaposition to the slightly tart bites of pork and fruit.

Glassware: pint glass or snifter


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