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Cream Ale Reviews

One of three ale-lager hybrid styles, cream ales are ale versions of American lagers noted for their drinkability, light gold color and clean finish. A cornlike sweetness dominates a hopless, faintly malty aroma. The flavor offers low bitterness, maltiness and sweetness, but a moderate corn flavor—cream ales incorporate flaked maize in their grain bills—that’s responsible for most of the style’s flavor. Finshes vary from dry to sweet, and ABVs range from 4.2 to 5.6 percent. Light in body, high in carbonation and crisply smooth in mouthfeel, these easy-drinking beers are some of the most thirst-quenching craft brews made.

Pair: Match these classic American brews with club sandwiches, bagels and cream cheese and chocolate eclairs: Cream ales’ sweet taste harmonizes with those dishes’ breadiness and mayonaisse/cream cheese/custard sugar, while the beers’ light, clean bodies and high carbonation scrub tongues clean.

Glassware: pint glass


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