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Blonde Ale Reviews

These ale-lager hybrid-style brews attract beer enthusiasts of all levels with a malt-leaning profile, an easy-drinking nature and more flavor and heft (ABVs span 3.8 to 5.5 percent) than light lagers. Though some versions contain strictly malt, brewers may substitute up to 25 percent of the grain bill with wheat and/or sugar adjuncts, lending the brew a light sweetness. Thus, blonde ales’ aromas boast a light to moderate malty-sweet scent, and some also feature low fruit or hop notes. Their flavors begin with soft malt sweetness in the form of bread, biscuits, toast or wheat, and those qualities stick with the palate even after low esters, hop flavor and hop bitterness arrive. Smooth without a trace of harsh bitterness, these brews have medium bodies and moderate carbonation.

Pair: Blonde ales’ sweetness and fruit hints make them perfect accompaniments for summer strawberry salads, citrus fish and orange Creamsicles—the beer accentuates the dishes’ fruit essences without oversweetening.

Glassware: pint glass


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