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“Mild” refers to this style’s lack of hops, not alcohol or flavor. One-third of the English brown ale family, these medium-bodied brews range from copper to deep mahogany in color. Their aromas, malty with a touch of fruitiness, give way to a sweet malty taste that boasts flavors like raisin, coffee, chocolate, nuts or toast. Some finish sweet and others dry, and still others finish with a hint of roastiness. Though milds are decidedly easy-drinking and far from intense at 2.8% to 4.5% ABV, the style has become rare and is typically served on cask.

Pair: Bottled versions are scarce, so you’ll likely find yourself drinking this on a barstool. Pair it with pub food like gravy-slathered fries, oysters and hard-boiled eggs—foods that are flavorful in their own right but won’t put up too much competition for the beer.

Glassware: nonic or standard pint glass


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