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Sweet Stout Reviews

Also called milk or cream stouts, these English-style brews make use of lactose (milk sugar), tilting the focus of these stouts from roasty to sweet. These stouts range from dark brown to black with tan to brown heads, and offer very full and low-carbonated bodies with creamy mouthfeels. Aromas display mild roasted grains with chocolate or coffee notes and a creamlike sweetness akin to cappuccino. Some offer moderate fruitiness, but none should present hops. Flavors focus on dark roasted grains and a sweetness that makes these beers’ bodies seem even bigger. A moderate hop bitterness—lower than that of dry stouts—prevents the beer from becoming overly saccharine. ABVs span 4 to 6 percent.

Pair: Sweet stouts pair two ways: Their sweetness can compound with other deeply sugary dishes (think pecan pie, turtle sundaes and chocolate cupcakes) for a rich, thick mouthful of coffee-tinged creaminess, or, that same sweetness can temper sharp-tasting foods like cheddar, jambalaya, spicy barbecue and pad Thai.

Glassware: pint glass


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