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Dunkelweizen Reviews

Before hefeweizens became one of the most popular beer styles the world over, Bavarian wheat beers were dark with a distinct malty richness. Today, those browner, spicier beers are dunkelweizens, and while their color may say otherwise, make no mistake; these beers’ moussy heads, wheat notes and banana-clove estery hints signify their weizen lineage. Dunkelweizens should bear a bready or caramel maltiness that complements their traditional weizen flavors; a medium, nearly creamy mouthfeel; and almost always yeast sediment in the bottle that should be aroused before pouring.

Pair: Dunkelweizens are best accompanied by rich, savory foods with moderate fat contents, like spicy sausages (go for a grilled brat) or Asian cuisine (try General Tso’s chicken). The beer’s soft carbonation quickly scrubs fat from the tongue, while clove notes bring out the dishes’ spices.

Glassware: weizen glass


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