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Belgian Pale Ale Reviews

Unlike their hop-crazy American relatives, Belgian pale ales are so balanced and drinkable, Belgians consider them session beers. Malt dominates the aroma of these amber-color brews; scents are mostly toasty and biscuity though some fruit and floral spice may sneak through. In the taste, fruit and spice combine with smooth malt, a hint of hop bitterness and a smattering of peppery phenols for a uniquely flavored yet altogether easy-drinking brew. ABVs range from 4.8% to 5.5%, and even those on the heavier side should display muted alcohol characteristics, if any.

Pair: These versatile brews pair with a wide array of dishes: The beer’s malt complements the breading of calamari or fried chicken, tames the tomato tang in spaghetti, and makes a sturdy partner for flan.

Glassware: pint glass or tulip


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