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Belgian Tripel Reviews

Belgian tripels originated within the halls of the Westmalle Trappist monastery; today, they’re still high in alcohol (ranging from 7.5% to 9.5% ABV) and bottle-conditioned. Comparatively, tripels are generally lighter in color than dubbels, and also lighter in body—odd, given tripels are higher in alcohol content. Tripels land closest to Belgian golden strong ales, though darker and fuller-bodied. Aromas are complex with spice and esters, while flavors combine the same characteristics of the scent with soft malt threaded with alcohol. The alcohol also adds a pleasant creaminess to the medium, effervescent body.

Pair: Though distinct in terms of flavor, tripels are more versatile than they seem. Sip one with a velvety triple-crème cheese; the smooth cheese will adopt some of the beer’s flavors. Try another with kicky gumbo, and notice how the spice and vegetables both contrast and melt with the beer’s sweet malt.

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