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Belgian Golden Strong Ale Reviews

It takes an experienced palate to distinguish Belgian golden strong ales from their tripel cousins: Both display fruity esters in the nose, spice and more fruit in the taste, and that famous “Belgian lace” in the glass. The difference lies in the mouthfeel: Golden strong ales are lighter-bodied and more effervescent, which draws out flavor intricacies and lends a dry finish. At once complex and graceful, these beers join hints of pears, apples and oranges with spicy, peppery phenols and a mild to moderate hop bite in a cohesive, refined marriage. Famously alcoholic (ABVs usually span 7.5 to 10 percent), these ales’ alcohol notes present themselves as soft or sweet—precisely why the names of golden strong ales often reference the devil.

Pair: This style’s warm, sweet effervescence meets its match with spicy jambalaya, while non-chocolate desserts like apple cobbler and bread pudding complement the beer’s sugar-and-spice blend.

Glassware: tulip


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