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American Barleywine Reviews

Monstrous American barleywines are hoppier than their English siblings, but the sweet maltiness the style’s known for remains intense. A caramel or bready malt aroma introduces a strong malt taste countered by a wallop of hop bitterness and flavor. Aged versions may present dark fruit notes. It’s important to note the difference between this style and imperial IPAs: American barleywines should be rich, heavy sipping beers, while imperial IPAs should have slightly lighter bodies and maintain drinkability.

Pair: These sometimes overwhelming beers work with big, savory, meaty meals with some natural sweetness. Sip one with a grilled porterhouse steak or roast duck; the beer’s big body and powerful flavors harmonize with steak’s sweet juices and charred edges, and the big caramel notes sing with duck’s crispy skin and savory meat.

Glassware: snifter


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