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Some beers are so unique they simply can’t be categorized, so they find a home in the specialty beer style. These brews may be based on an existing style yet feature rare ingredients (like beers made with spruce or maple syrup or buckwheat), represent a historical style, combine multiple styles or be an experimental style all its own. (If a style is represented, the beer’s characteristics should reflect it.) Though this category mostly contains inimitable brews, it’s also a catch-all for “mini categories” that aren’t widely brewed enough to be fully recognized styles. Examples include some well-loved styles like rye IPAs, imperial porters and kellerbiers.

Pair: Experiment! Match lighter styles with salads, seafood and soft cheeses, and try heavier offerings with beef, pork and indulgent desserts.

Glassware: select glassware according to base style


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