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Common Cider Reviews

Common ciders, along with English and French versions, fall within the “standard” category of ciders, which are made primarily or entirely from apple juice (the only allowable adjunct is a bit of sugar to achieve an appropriate starting gravity). All ciders should present a white-winelike mouthfeel and notable acidity in the flavor, though the drink ranges in sugars (some are dry, some are quite sweet), carbonation (ciders can be still or sparkling), and apple qualities (some present overt apple characteristics; others, less so). What separates the common variety from its family members is the apple type; common ciders are derived from the juice of “culinary,” “table” or crab apples for taste. The resulting cider appears pale to medium gold and clear to brilliant in the glass, and carries medium to high in acid and low tannins on the tongue. The combination of acid and sugar should produce a refreshing sensation.

Glassware: pint glass



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