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Light American Lager Reviews

Say what you will about these so-called bland lawnmower beers, but there’s no denying this style’s role in the brewing industry—it’s the biggest-selling beer style in the world. Intended to appeal to and refresh the masses, light American lagers are crisp and dry with low hop flavor, bitterness and malt notes; indeed, strong flavors are considered flaws. Appearances should appear extremely clear and pale yellow in color. Corn or rice adjuncts sub in for a healthy portion of the grain bill, but these lagers are the lowest-calorie beers crafted. Very balanced and highly carbonated, this style’s thirst-quenching qualities have made this U.S. style indisputably iconic.

Pair: Bring these brews beyond the tailgate: They make for light, refreshing snacks alongside fresh melon, grapes, shortbread cookies and berry sorbets. They double as heavy-duty refreshers for spicy pulled-pork sandwiches, Thai dishes and enchiladas.

Glassware: pint glass


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