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German Pilsner Reviews

This crisper, more bitter adaptation of the original Bohemian pilsner could simply be described as a hoppy lager. German hops, usually noble ones, should appear in the aroma and govern the taste. Pilsner malt should be perceptible, too, though much less so than the hops; a light grain note will likely appear in the nose, while low malt flavor and sweetness may crop up in the taste. Lighter in body and color and higher in carnation than its Bohemian brethren, German-style pilsners are dry and clean, offering a refreshing quality that leaves behind just a hint of bitterness.

Pair: There’s no better pair for a German pilsner than bratwurst, but any dish with a substantial texture and not-too-heavy flavor—think roast chicken and mushroom omelettes—come close.

Glassware: pint glass


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