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Berliner Weisse Reviews

Though they’re lightest of the sour ales, Berliner weisses still pack a powerful sour punch. Essentially a pale wheat beer, this style’s characterized by a light straw color and high carbonation—Napoleon’s troops referred to them as “the Champagne of the North.”
A sour and sometimes fruity aroma introduces an even more sour flavor backed by bready or wheat notes and virtually no hops. The beer’s light body reflects its minimal alcohol content (ABVs fall between 2.8 and 3.8 percent).
Pair: Rather than pairing these weisses with food (although they pair excellently with cheesecake and fresh fruit), drinkers traditionally match them with sugar syrups, added to the beer as a shot. Raspberry’s a popular choice; together, the beer and fruity shot are called “himbeer.”


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