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Fruit Lambic Reviews

In centuries past, brewers or pub owners added fruit to already-fermented lambics for variety’s sake; today, beer makers add cherries, raspberries, grapes and other fruits to the beer to make the somewhat intimidating style approachable for the masses. Much like gueuzes, brewers craft fruit lambics by blending new and old lambics, then aging the mix. Fruit is added about halfway through maturation, and because the yeast consumes all the fruit’s sugar, the final beverage is tart, puckering and not overwhelmingly fruity. Both aroma and flavor should contain notes of the fruit, but also a healthy dose of the “barnyard” characteristic lambics are known for.

Pair: It’s no surprise these fruity, sour treats are beautiful dessert beers; they punch up the flavors of fruit pies and tarts, and make excellent floats over vanilla ice cream. For earlier courses, though, pair them as you would a sauce or dressing: Try a cherry lambic with pork chops, a raspberry style with a berry-walnut salad, and a blueberry one with crusted whitefish.

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