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Wood-Aged Beer Reviews

Wood-aging, a brewing method that all but extinct a few years ago, has lately become the latest craze among brewers with high ABVs and distinctive flavor in mind. Categorically speaking, a wood-aged beer is any beer aged in a wooden cask or in another vessel with wood additives (chips, staves or essences). Regardless of the aging method, the finished brew should reflect the base beer style as well as wood characters. (Additionally, beers aged in used bourbon barrels, wine casks and the like should contain characteristics of those beverages.) Although aromas and flavors will vary according to base styles, mouthfeels should be fuller and ABVs higher than the base style.

Pair: Aged beers feature well-developed flavors that need sturdy legs to stand on: Match these brews with foods according to their base styles, or opt for rich dishes like game meats, thick stews and cheesecake.

Glassware: pint glass or snifter


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