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Northern German Altbier Reviews

Most altbiers crafted outside Dusseldorf fall into this category. They’re essentially brown lagers that are decidedly bitter but balanced by malt notes. Clean, mildly malty aromas introduce a bitter flavor offset by sweet, biscuity or caramelly malt; these altbiers are sweeter and less bitter than those in the Dusseldorf style. A smooth mouthfeel harmonizes the bitterness and malt essences, and the medium-bodied drink concludes with a dry finish. ABVs range from 4.5 to 5.2 percent.

Pair: Pair these bitter-but-balanced alts with cuisine that incorporates both vegetal and sweet notes, like fajitas and loaded-up kebabs: The beer’s bitterness complements crisp, fresh vegetables, while the brew’s maltiness melts with sweet grilled meat.

Glassware: stange or pint glass


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