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American Brown Ale Reviews

Qualifying American brown ales is best done comparatively: They’re bigger than English versions in both malt and hops but smaller than brown porters, and though they’re closely related to American pales and ambers, American browns feature a distinct caramel-chocolate malt character. Aromas should be low in hops but rich and hearty in malt; sniff for a chocolate, nutty, toasty or caramel essence. Flavors should begin malty with those same nuances, but should appear balanced in the finish as some hop flavors and bitterness appear in the conclusion. Brown ales should display high carbonation and medium bodies, and some feature a touch of alcohol warmth in the finish.

Pair: Match American brown ales with foods that mingle with the beer’s chocolate malt. Nutty dishes like cashew chicken, almond coffeecake and banana-nut bread echo the beer’s sweet malt tones, creating a harmonious swallow.

Glassware: pint glass


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