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Foreign Extra Stout Reviews

Once brewed for tropical markets, the brews that fall into this broad category subdivide into tropical and export versions, though all share some common characteristics. All foreign extra stouts are dark and moderately strong (5.5% to 8% ABV), and each begins with a moderate to high roasted grain aroma peppered with coffee, chocolate, fruit and burnt notes. Tropical styles display additional sugary, molasses, dried fruit, licorice or vinous aromas, and taste relatively fruity and sweet. Additionally, they can have smooth dark grain flavors and a rumlike essence. Export styles are drier; they present an amplified bitterness, more aggressive roastiness and less fruity esters. Consider these hearty beers bigger dry stouts or smaller Imperial stouts.

Pair: Sample these stouts with a T-bone steak or filet mignon; their medium bodies can compete with rich beef, and their roasty sweetness harmonizes with a charred crust. Foreign extras also make solid matches for tiramisu, as they offer just enough carbonation to wash down the creamy dessert, and offer complementary chocolate and coffee nuances.

Glassware: pint glass


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