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Weizenbock Reviews

These beers were developed in Bavaria and are related to the doppelbock style. (In fact, Schneider, the first commercial brewer of the style, calls its weizenbock a “Wheat-Doppelbock.”) However, the style is more commonly revered as a dunkelweizen brewed to bock or doppelbock strength. Aromas should ooze breadiness and dark fruit, and because these beers contain Bavarian ale yeast, there’s also spicy clove or vanilla notes, too. Here, flavor is all about malt: Brewed with at least 50 percent wheat, weizenbocks display a firm, bready malt flavor and a moderate wheat taste. Dark fruit should also make an appearance on the palate, while hops lend only a very slight bitterness.

Pair: With deep such deep, rich flavors and high ABVs (usually 6 to 8 percent), this style works well with smoked meats and wild game. Try one with dry-smoked pork ribs or venison; both dishes have natural sweetness that complements the beer’s burnt sugar and wheat flavors, while the beer’s light clove and vanilla notes pull out the smoky notes.

Glassware: weizen glass


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