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Witbier Reviews

Hoegaarden’s Pierre Celis recently revived this 400-year-old Belgian style that nearly went extinct in the mid-20th century. Witbiers display an entrancing honey-sweet aroma loaded with wheat, peppered with coriander, kissed by orange and tinged with tartness. The flavor follow suit with fresh citrus and spice, and sometimes a slight lactic sourness. Despite their medium, creamy bodies, witbiers finish dry and a tad tart. ABVs can reach 5.5 percent, but witbiers’ high carbonation makes for an incredibly refreshing drink.

Pair: Witbiers pair superbly with scallops and mussels; they adopt the beer’s light spice nuances well. For dessert, match a witbier with orange sorbet or crepes Suzette, and notice how the beer’s effervescence and coriander hints breathe new life into the sweet citrus tastes.

Glassware: tulip or pint glass


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