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Belgian Dubbel Reviews

Born in Belgium’s monasteries and revived in the mid-1800s, dubbels uniquely complex, malty, moderately alcoholic beers. Belgian yeast and caramelized sugar syrup combine with Pilsner malt to create a sweet yet dry dark amber brew topped by a telltale huge, dense head. The crown emits a malty scent loaded with intricacies that may include caramel, chocolate, dried fruit and esters. In a smooth, medium-bodied swallow, malt sweetness (thanks to that sugar syrup) takes over, though dried fruit notes weave throughout the drink.

Pair: Sweet meat dishes like barbecue ribs and roast beef echo dubbels’ sweetness. After dinner, try one with a box of chocolates; notice how the beer’s sugar melts with lighter chocolate and caramelly, nutty fillings, while it contrasts darker chocolates’ bitterness.

Glassware: snifter


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