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English Cider Reviews

Along with common and French versions, English ciders fall within the “standard” category of ciders, which are made primarily or entirely from apple juice (the only allowable adjunct is a bit of sugar to achieve an appropriate starting gravity). All ciders should present a white-winelike mouthfeel and notable acidity in the flavor, though the drink ranges in sugars (some are dry, some are quite sweet), carbonation (ciders can be still or sparkling), and apple qualities (some present overt apple characteristics; others, less so). English ciders are notably different from other standard ciders: Made with bittersweet and bitter-sharp apples cultivated specifically for cider making, this style may present a “smoky bacon” note in the flavor and/or a barnyard scent, both due to the fruit combination. High tannins may yield astringency or bitterness in the mouthfeel, and appearances range from slightly hazy to brilliantly clear gold.

Glassware: pint glass



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