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Subtlety reigned at GABF. Except when it didn’t.

Nontraditional locations with beer sales—from barbershops to grocery stores to movie theaters—are changing where and when we drink.

“I figure if I’m having a good time, everyone’s having a good time.”

What’s driving the proliferation of satellite taprooms and brewpubs?

Falling Rock’s fresh hop festival, tons of cider events, a harvest dinner and more

Denver chef Jensen Cummings brings kitchen confidence to beer.

As few as two U.S. breweries produce this refreshing sibling to lambic.

Beers with mushrooms, hibiscus, yuzu and plenty of barrel influence await.


Rome is famous, of course, for its food and wine. But a new generation of Italian has developed a taste for birra artigianale, giving rise to a new reverence for beer across the city.