What’s driving the proliferation of satellite taprooms and brewpubs?


Falling Rock’s fresh hop festival, tons of cider events, a harvest dinner and more


Denver chef Jensen Cummings brings kitchen confidence to beer.

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As few as two U.S. breweries produce this refreshing sibling to lambic.

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Beers with mushrooms, hibiscus, yuzu and plenty of barrel influence await.

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Rome is famous, of course, for its food and wine. But a new generation of Italian has developed a taste for birra artigianale, giving rise to a new reverence for beer across the city.

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The gradual seeping of beer into the Roman mainstream means that there are, inevitably, some options for combining great beer with great food.

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Snafus challenge the Washington State brewery/cidery/winery’s opening timeline.

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DRAFT’s editors taste dozens of new beers each week. These were our favorites.


Moving beyond wit-based beermosas and beer-backed Bloody Marys, bars and restaurants are using beer in brunch cocktails in bold new ways.

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