6 holiday beer cocktails

Beer-infused mixes for your next holiday party.

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Brasserie de la Senne Versus the Universe

With the odds seemingly stacked against it, Brasserie de la Senne launches as Brussels’ latest brewery.

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The 18 best beers to give this season

Tie a ribbon ’round these bottles (and cans!) and bestow your loved ones with the gift of beer.

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The many faces of Leslie Nielsen

We’re looking back at the life of DRAFT cover subject Leslie Nielsen with his 2007 Q&A–beer, “Airplane!” and all.

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DRAFT’s top 25 beers of the year

From classic favorites to rule-bending experimentations, this year was an inspired one for beer. We sipped, quaffed and guzzled our way through bottles, barrels and kegs to pare down the best of the best from 2010.

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Eastern promises: The beer of Oregon’s east side

While Portland and the rest of Oregon’s left-hand side continue their reign over West Coast beer, the state’s other half is quietly catching up.

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Wassail: A real winter warmer

Warm up with this cozy, English-style beer punch served hot.

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Charbay: Turning beer into booze

A father and son turn gallons of beer into good spirits.

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365 days of beer and running

I decided that for the last year of my 20s, I should do something epic.

Brewery spotlight: Flying Dog Brewery

President and CEO Jim Caruso takes a break from celebrating the brewery’s 20th anniversary to walk us through five of Flying Dog’s stand-out brews. …

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