Trending: foods flavored with hops

We know the flavoring power that h. Lupulus has when added to beer, but these potent cones can also kick up non-brewed food and beverages.

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The top 25 beers of 2017

As 2017 draws to a close, we can say this: there is a lot of good beer out there. More than ever before, in fact, which makes narrowing down a list such as this all the more challenging.

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Guinness’ new Maryland brewery will brew everything—except stout

U.S. brewing team promises IPAs, Blonde American Lager, maybe even sours from Guinness

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The Rhum Diaries

L’Esprit des Caraïbes Françaises



Suds of Anarchy

The Growler Howlers are all about great rides and great beer, and they want you to join them.

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Brett lagers aren’t an oxymoron

Lagering and mixed fermentation can coexist in delicious ways

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Try it: Barrel-aged foods

If a few months of rest in a used spirits barrel can drastically augment the flavor of a beer, just imagine what it can do for your other favorite ingestibles.

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Halloween candy & beer pairing

Here’s a trick and a treat: Raid your kids’ Halloween candy and have your own scary-delicious pairing party.

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A pair of American breweries turn back the clock with wood-fired kettles

“It’s super efficient … and it’s cool because you get to build fires.”

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What’s the difference between stouts and porters, anyway?

Let’s shed some light on these dark styles.

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